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A tribute to Sabeen & the Idea of an Idea

Sabeen’s death is hitting me in waves. Sometimes I forget it has actually happened. Right now I remember. For those who don’t know, Sabeen was the person behind The Second Floor, one of the few places open to the thriving public of Karachi to demonstrate critical thinking. To be connected to art and culture from Pakistan […]

Big Data, Bigger Questions

What happens when teachers and leaders commit to having an impact on their students who live in poverty? What is it about a teacher that makes them have life-changing, transformational impact? These are the big questions that Steven Farr, chief learning and knowledge officer at Teach For All has devoted the past 13 years of his life […]

Tuition industry: A class act?

There is a fine line between help and dependence, and Pakistan’s rapidly growing tuition industry seems headed towards the latter. Over the past decade, tutors and tuition academies in the country have mushroomed significantly in all forms and sizes — from single-room classrooms to multi-storied tuition centres. The grind now begins with parents enrolling three-year-olds […]

Review: HBO’s Girls Season 3

When the HBO series Girls first hit our TV screens two years ago, it instantly found an audience for its brutally realistic and bold take on life after graduation. The show gives you a glimpse into the life of four friends struggling with romance, career and survival in New York City. There is Hannah, a […]

Buenos Aires for the Soul

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, could be South America’s answer to Europe with its dated architecture, vibrant culture and blossoming population of almost three million people. Buenos Aires, literally meaning ‘good airs’ in Spanish, mixes the best of the old and new world — as history is kept alive alongside a newer cosmopolitan diaspora. […]

Fair game: Female Footballers in Pakistan

The harsh mid-afternoon sun beams down on her face. She adjusts the legs of her plastic chair in the mud to get a better view of the game. In the distance, a shrill whistle marks the beginning of the showdown between Diya and Balochistan United — two of Pakistan’s premier women football clubs. Sixteen-year-old Zulfia […]

Bienvenidos a Bolivia

Bolivia is a country like no other. For the adventurous travellers, its arid deserts, tropical rainforests, snow-capped peaks, silver mines and colourful inland lakes prove there is so much more to this landlocked country than ever imagined — or at least more than I had expected. Our Bolivian journey begins in La Paz after landing […]