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Buenos Aires for the Soul

Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina, could be South America’s answer to Europe with its dated architecture, vibrant culture and blossoming population of almost three million people. Buenos Aires, literally meaning ‘good airs’ in Spanish, mixes the best of the old and new world — as history is kept alive alongside a newer cosmopolitan diaspora. […]

Bienvenidos a Bolivia

Bolivia is a country like no other. For the adventurous travellers, its arid deserts, tropical rainforests, snow-capped peaks, silver mines and colourful inland lakes prove there is so much more to this landlocked country than ever imagined — or at least more than I had expected. Our Bolivian journey begins in La Paz after landing […]

31 Amazing Places To Ride Your Bike

Picture it: you, your bike, there, now. Practicality never stopped you.  

Kids all over the world

On June 1 Children’s Day was celebrated in a few countries. Some pictures from recent travels to Jordan, Nepal, Bolivia, Spain and from the UK and Pakistan, were used to make a slideshow. You can see them here: (ET) (Facebook) The Express Trirbune’s Facebook Page Unfortunately the high quality of some was lost due to […]

Jordan by ruins

Amman Driving from the airport, the first thing that strikes you is the poverty. This wasn’t a beautiful, rich country in the Arab world. It is still a beautiful, but it is worn with old refugees from Palestine and new refugees from Syria. It was underdeveloped, many buildings lay half built. As we drive around […]

5 Days in Hong Kong

1. Getting there There is no direct flight from Karachi to Hong Kong, so you will either have to route your journey via Bangkok or Dubai. If your flight arrives mid-afternoon to evening time, check into your hotel and head straight out the door. The first night, take the famed Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour […]