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A tribute to Sabeen & the Idea of an Idea

Sabeen’s death is hitting me in waves. Sometimes I forget it has actually happened. Right now I remember. For those who don’t know, Sabeen was the person behind The Second Floor, one of the few places open to the thriving public of Karachi to demonstrate critical thinking. To be connected to art and culture from Pakistan […]

Review: HBO’s Girls Season 3

When the HBO series Girls first hit our TV screens two years ago, it instantly found an audience for its brutally realistic and bold take on life after graduation. The show gives you a glimpse into the life of four friends struggling with romance, career and survival in New York City. There is Hannah, a […]

Fair game: Female Footballers in Pakistan

The harsh mid-afternoon sun beams down on her face. She adjusts the legs of her plastic chair in the mud to get a better view of the game. In the distance, a shrill whistle marks the beginning of the showdown between Diya and Balochistan United — two of Pakistan’s premier women football clubs. Sixteen-year-old Zulfia […]

Stories we don’t hear in apathy

How many of us have been to bomb blast site? It’s surprisingly high if you live in Pakistan, particularly if you are in Karachi, Quetta or Peshawar. If you live in one of these cities, you’re living on the forefront of one of many disjointed wars being waged in Pakistan. Carnage sites in these cities […]

Children of a lesser God

It was barely a few weeks ago that there was outrage comparing the killings of the primary school children in Connecticut, USA to the children killed by drone attacks in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. A Guardian article succinctly described what was being felt in a large majority of Pakistan, although perhaps again […]

Why ‘Save the Children’ can’t save themselves

Pakistan’s threat to expel foreign staff of the US charity ‘Save the Children’ is being condemned worldwide. However, the reputation of the organisation has already been tainted, despite several people calling the government’s move an “overreaction”: @HoaglandRichard @shehryar_taseer ’Save the Children’ were in no way involved with Abbottabad — I repeat, no way. A very sad and […]