Strategic planning helps determine mid- to long- term goals and what areas to focus on. It is harder to do in development sector as there is often a great amount of unmet need, which one intervention alone cannot tackle. Management guru Peter Drucker famously said that in for-profit organisations, success can easily be equated to […]

Picture it: you, your bike, there, now. Practicality never stopped you.  

On June 1 Children’s Day was celebrated in a few countries. Some pictures from recent travels to Jordan, Nepal, Bolivia, Spain and from the UK and Pakistan, were used to make a slideshow. You can see them here: (ET) (Facebook) The Express Trirbune’s Facebook Page Unfortunately the high quality of some was lost due to […]

Amman Driving from the airport, the first thing that strikes you is the poverty. This wasn’t a beautiful, rich country in the Arab world. It is still a beautiful, but it is worn with old refugees from Palestine and new refugees from Syria. It was underdeveloped, many buildings lay half built. As we drive around […]

1. Getting there There is no direct flight from Karachi to Hong Kong, so you will either have to route your journey via Bangkok or Dubai. If your flight arrives mid-afternoon to evening time, check into your hotel and head straight out the door. The first night, take the famed Star Ferry across Victoria Harbour […]

How many of us have been to bomb blast site? It’s surprisingly high if you live in Pakistan, particularly if you are in Karachi, Quetta or Peshawar. If you live in one of these cities, you’re living on the forefront of one of many disjointed wars being waged in Pakistan. Carnage sites in these cities […]

It was barely a few weeks ago that there was outrage comparing the killings of the primary school children in Connecticut, USA to the children killed by drone attacks in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan. A Guardian article succinctly described what was being felt in a large majority of Pakistan, although perhaps again […]